5 Simple Ways To Start Your Morning For A Better Day

Morning is essentially the most important part of the day. Naturally waking up to a hearty spirit and elevated levels of energy, isn't a typically found ethos. It'll be the right time, as well, to admit I don't actually relate to the morning person category. I have always hated waking up, as a kid. No matter how long or how well I slept, I woke up angry at the thought of waking up and was left feeling unsettled throughout the day. Later at this realization, I understood how remarkably your morning emotions can control you and your life.

Follow up on these simple habits to make your days credibly better.


Wake Up To A Positive Thought

The first thing you think as you open your eyes has a huge impact on your mind. It can either boost you up for the day or blow off your intentions to even walk out of your bed. Start with just a smile. Take your time to think about all the good things you have in your life, around you, in you. You'll automatically start feeling a lot better at these grateful thoughts.


Look into your Mental and Physical Health

Do something and anything that'll add to take care of your mind and body. Be it working out the basic sets of cardio, running half a mile or just a half hour walk. Exercising works wonders to improve your mood and health, altogether. If you're running short on time, a quick 15-minute stretching can help energize your body. Meditation is another great way to calm and prepare your body and mind for the hustles of the day.


Clean up your Mess

You'll be surprised at how put together, just making your bed can make you feel. It should be first in line as you leave your bed. Go on to clearing your desk, managing your files and arranging your wardrobe. Doing anything that'll make your room and home look cleaner and settled, do it.


Allow yourself your Morning Minutes

As you grab your mug of coffee, sit down and give yourself a few minutes of composure. Relax at that moment, let yourself loose and enjoy your hot reviving brew till the last sip. The next you'll be watching yourself take on the world without the slightest hesitation.


Listen to your favorite Music

Music is a therapy, if you ask me. It can influence your body and mood in so many ways. On one hand, upbeat rock and blues can hype you on lazy "zombie" mornings while on the other hand soft jazz and country music will lower your anxiety and keep you to your wits for the rushed days. Adjust your morning playlist for your different sets of days and listen to them as and when you wish.

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