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Obaa (The Girl Table Network)

Personally, I love this platform for its honorary intent at empowering and connecting women from around the globe. Obaa is a segment of the Girl Table Network, for the writers and literary artists to express and impress upon the world with their words and contribute to the growing awareness of social and cultural reform needs.

It was such a satisfaction, writing for them and I look forward to more such occasions.

Read Here my piece on women empowerment and girl education.

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Style+Plus is a fashion and styling website, an Australian Biz, and a wonderful place to shrug off your fashion troubles. Though, I've not been a fashion wizard from the beginning, I've come to learn and love so many aspects of fashion that now I proudly consider styling a major thing.

 Read Here the full article by Bhavyaa on Jeans Styling.

Also, go and check out their cool website Style+Plus